Deliver Multilanguage content with PolyPlay AV

Live interpretation makes your content accessible to a wider audience. But how do you distribute this content to your public?

PolyPlay AV is a simple and easy way to distribute multilanguage content.
The best part? No stress for you, we take care of everything.

PolyPlay AV is available for all events

PolyPlay AV is available for all types of events – virtual, hybrid or in-person.

There are many situations that might require live interpretation.

  • Your content is in one language and must be distributed to the audience in other languages
  • Your event includes sessions with speakers that do not speak the same language
  • A combination of the two!

PolyPlay AV can handle all these situations. Thanks to bi-directional audio routing, you can use PolyPlay AV to help speakers understand each others, and to make your content available to your audience in multiple languages.

Multilanguage video player for online attendees

PolyPlay AV makes your content available to your online audience in all languages, in the same multilanguage video player.

See our demo PolyPlay player in action below.

Easy mobile app interpretation for onsite attendees

For onsite listeners, several options are available. You can either use a traditional set of UHF headsets, or you can allow listeners to use their own mobile device.

Onsite participants can have instant access to the interpreted audio by scanning a QR code.
PolyPlay AV includes this feature for up to 50 onsite listeners, and additional packs of 100 listeners can be purchased for a low price.

All your attendees need is a mobile device and some headphones.

  • Scan the QR Code
  • Select your desired listening language
  • Enjoy high-quality interpreted audio in your headphones

This solution uses low bandwidth, and is compatible with on-site attendee Wi-Fi.

Works with any interpreter

With PolyPlay AV, you can either supply your own interpreters, or pick from our extensive catalog of human and AI interpreters.

Regardless of what you choose, we will provide the interpreters with a briefing. This is to ensure that they are comfortable with the interpretation tools we supply.

We also perform technical checks to verify the quality of their sound system. This allows us to guarantee the quality of our interpretation services.

No logistical headache

For hybrid events, PolyPlay AV includes integration and logistics with your AV provider

  • Corporate AV Team
  • Event AV supplier
  • Venue AV supplier

Our interpretation service does not require on-site interpreter cabins. Instead, it relies on an online, real-time interpretation solution, fully integrated with the on-site AV.

Consequently, interpreters do not have to travel to the event site, and they can work from where they live.

As a result, you will benefit from:

  • More space in conference rooms (no interpreter cabins)
  • No need to rent interpreter cabins
  • No need to pay for interpreters transport, accommodation and per diem

Save on time, stress and costs with our all-inclusive service!