What You Need To Know About PolyPlay Full Service

Our white glove accessibility service

PolyPlay Full Service takes care of every aspect of your event’s accessibility needs.
We will help you set up everything including through our white-glove service, including

  • Remote simultaneous interpretation
  • Live captioning
  • Sign language interpretation
  • Multilanguage player setup

Booking and management of accessibility professionals

PolyPlay will source Interpreters, Captioners or Sign Language interpreters for you from our comprehensive accessibility services marketplace.
All accessibility service providers on the platform are vetted professionals. You can also check the suppliers public reviews.

PolyPlay Full Service includes:

  • Sourcing and booking your accessibility professionals
  • Prescheduled rehearsals or briefing calls with all the assigned resources to confirm everything is ready
  • Managing the relationship with your accessibility professionals (sending over preparation documents, jargon, presentations)
  • Providing you with support technicians throughout your event
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Providing accessibility infrastructure

Our accessibility services are based on our own modern tool suite. This allows us to provide a modern live simultaneous interpretation, captions or sign language interpretation platform.

PolyPlay Full Service takes care of the following:

  • Our own tool suite for accessibility platform configuration 
  • Briefing of accessibility professionals on our tools and processes
  • Accessibility platform interconnection with the source and destination video streams
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Polyplay Audio/Video Services

PolyPlay can also offer AV services for larger shows and events. These include managing the relationship with your existing AV team producing the original video stream and all the other technicalities to guarantee you event’s success.

PolyPlay Audio/Video services include

  • Planning with the AV team producing the original video stream
  • Bidirectional audio routing from and to interpreters
  • Live interpreted feeds production and streaming
  • PolyPlay player configuration and delivery
  • App-based interpretation listening for on-site audience
  • Any other arrangements required to delivery on the task

Polyplay AV services are an optional component of our white glove service. Discuss your project with us and we’ll work out the best solution for you.

Real support by real experts

PolyPlay will be dealing with interpreters and managing the infrastructure throughout the event. We provide you with a single point of contact for all live interpretation related matters. 

Our distributed team allows us to offer 24/7 live support with our actual experts, not a call centre. We have staff in various locations, such as : NA (Canada / USA), Europe (UK, France, Germany), Australia, South America.

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To get Full Service form PolyPlay, it’s simple. Arrange a call with us, and we will get your project started right away.