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Captions make your content more accessible. Ai-generated captions are a cost-effective solution to add live transcription to your content, and you can also add automatic captions translation on top. AI Captioning agency? Join us.

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Quality of service above all

Our AI Caption service providers are committed to delivering world-class services to you. Reviews are public, and our team vets each vendor.

Clear cancellation options

AI Caption service providers can offer a range of flexible cancellation options, clearly stated at booking.

Support anytime, day or night

With 24/7 global customer support, we are there for you whenever you need assistance.

Do you still have questions?

Is a meeting with a booked AI Caption service provider mandatory?

Not necessarily. That being said, most AI Caption service providers will require you to share with them some additional background and information about your content.

Prepare name lists, vocabulary, jargon, and typical abbreviations that may be useful to guarantee that everything is impeccable for your viewers.

What if I need to cancel due to a change of plan?

All AI Caption service providers on our platform will clearly state their cancelation policy. Some might accept last-minute cancellations, and others impose minimum lead times.

Make sure to check these details prior to booking.

When am I charged for a booking?

You will be charged as soon as your reservation is confirmed, but we hold the payment to your AI Caption service provider until the booking day and work has been delivered appropriately.

Are you looking for more information?

If you have any other questions – about PolyPlay, a booking, A/V, or anything else – please contact us.