English Live Ai Automated Captions

We provide your online event with state of the art live Ai-base automated captions in English. Our premium Ai captioning service works with almost every streaming platform out there and includes a dedicated support technician to configure and monitor operations.

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EPEAK Studio has been providing Ai-based caption services for several years. We are able to provide automatic captions that are highly accurate to make your live streams accessible to all kinds of audiences. This service can be delivered fully remote for both remote and on-site audiences.

Important: It is recommended to us Ai captions only with native English speakers.

Complimentary services:

  • Our automated Ai English caption service includes pre-show support to coordinate with your team (in house or external A/V)
  • Support and monitoring throughout the live event
  • Transcript of the entire event within minutes from the end of the event. This can be used to edit caption files for VOD.

Automated caption translations:

Need captions in other languages? We can translate all our captions automatically into other languages. Click here to see all out services.


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