How to book live captioning services on PolyPlay

The PolyPlay Marketplace makes it easier than ever to source, book and pay for your live captioning services thanks to our simple and easy booking system.

  • Browse and select your captioning services provider
  • Select dates and check availability
  • Receive confirmation from vendor and pay
  • Open a ticket with vendor to discuss the necessary arrangements

Find your Human or AI captioning services

Browse our extensive captioning services marketplace and select the captioning service you need for your event.
Human or AI-generated captioning services are available.
You can search for captioning services directly from the top search bar.
Sort the search results by rating, price, popularity, and other criteria.

Browse human captioners on
Browse human captioners on
Browse AI-Generated Captioning services on
Browse AI-Generated Captioning services on

Selecting your event dates

Use the calendar to define your event dates, times and duration and click Check Availability to check out and allow the service provider to confirm the request.
The service provider will confirm your booking and you will be able to pay for your order.

Book captioners using online calendar
Book captioners using the online calendar on

Checkout and confirmation of the booking

After the booking is confirmed, you’ll be able to make an easy credit card payment and confirm the booking. You can access the payment page from the email we’ve sent you, or from the My Order page in My Account (Top Menu when logged in).

For larger projects, bank transfer payments are possible, even though they would probably be handled through Polyplay Full Service.

Pay for captioning services with your credit card on
Pay for captioning services with your credit card on

Organizing the logistics with your captioning service provider

After you receive the booking confirmation, remember to set up a meeting with your captioning service provider to make sure they are familiar with your tools and processes.
Make sure to provide them with presentations, specific industry jargon and other useful documents beforehand.

The easiest way to get in touch with your interpreter is to open a ticket. On, go to “My Account”, click on “Order” and select “Ask Question”.

Remember, our staff can take care of parts of the process for you, all the way to Full Service where we handle everything from start to finish.
Any questions ? Contact us.