How To Buy And Configure Your PolyPlay Player

Learn how to choose the right PolyPlay Player for your needs. Save money with a PolyPlay Premium Subscription.
Configure your PolyPlay Live Player or PolyPlay VOD Player and make your content more accessible today!

PolyPlay Player for Live Streams

PolyPlay Player Live is used for live streaming. The player works immediately after purchase.

Good to know

  • The player will work in testing mode until the event
  • A watermark will be displayed on the top left corner during the testing period
  • The watermark will disappear on the day of your event

To begin, fill in the event name, start/end date of the event (time zone and time between 00:00am and 11:59pm) and select your desired languages.
Two languages are included in the base price.
You can purchase additional languages for $150 / language / day, with a maximum of 8 languages per player.

Enter the streaming URL (i.e. Vimeo, YouTube, Brightcove, BoxCast, Mux, etc.) for each language.

You can choose to purchase a Vimeo Premium account. You can also use your own existing account.

We have experienced Project Managers you can hire to help you set up and execute your interpretation project. Simply select the amount of time you feel you would be requiring their services – 5 hours, 10 hours or 20 hours. If you’re unsure and need a little guidance, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

We also offer an AV Team to assist you in producing interpreted feeds. This is part of our Full Service package

PolyPlay Premium Subscription

This subscription gives you 10% off  PolyPlay Live and free, unlimited VOD players. 
Most customers save money with a PolyPlay Premium subscription, unless your event is a one-off with a short duration and a low number of languages.

PolyPlay Player for VOD

PolyPlay Player VOD is used for VOD content exclusively and cannot be used for live streams. 
It is the ideal solution to keep your multilanguage content easily accessible after your event.

Good to know

  • VOD players are free and unlimited with a PolyPlay Premium subscription
  • Suitable for VOD content only
  • Convenient, easy-to-use for your audience

Fill in the video title and your desired languages. You will be asked to enter the VOD video link for each language.

Two languages are included in the base price, and you can add up to 8 languages in total for $1 each.

Let us handle everything?

That’s it – you have all the information to purchase and configure your PolyPlay Player for Live or VOD with easy, fast and secure online card payment.
Remember, our staff can also take care of parts of the process for you, all the way to Full Service where we handle everything from start to finish.
Any questions ? Get in touch!