Integrate PolyPlay with ExpoPlatform

PolyPlay is fully compatible with ExpoPlatform. Make your event more accessible and more inclusive today!
Easily add a PolyPlay player to your session on ExpoPlatform.

Easy, Native Integration

It is easy to integrate PolyPlay with ExpoPlatform.
Simply take your PolyPlay Embed URL, and set it up as an iframe video source for your session in ExpoPlatform.

Et Voilà!

It really is that simple.
Don’t wait, make your event on ExpoPlatform more accessible today!

Enjoy your session with PolyPlay

Navigate to your session on ExpoPlatform.
Watch the stream, choose your language, sit back and relax!

We Manage Interpreters For You

Get in touch with us today and learn more about PolyPlay Full Service.
Choose PolyPlay Full Service and let us manage your live interpretation project for you.