Is AI Interpretation right for your event?

AI Interpretation is one of the features our clients request the most during pre-sales.
This is why we have developed AI Interpretation Services and made them available on PolyPlay.

Does this mean that AI Interpretation is the best solution for your event? Should you stick to human interpretation services instead?

Discover the pros & cons of each solution to be able to make an informed decision.

AI Interpretation is scalable and cost-effective

The main advantage of AI Interpretation is its scalability. This makes AI Interpretation well-suited for large events, especially with many output languages.
That being said, AI Interpretation is also suitable for regular-size events.

AI Interpretation requires an initial set-up phase that bears the majority of the costs.
Once this is completed, it easy and cost-effective to add additional interpretation time and output languages. On average, AI interpretation can be up to 50% cheaper compared to human interpreter prices, depending on the event size and duration.

AI Interpretation also supports a wide variety of input and output languages. This includes difficult languages, for which human interpreters can be expensive and challenging to source.

On the human resources and logistics side, AI Interpretation is also much less dependent on resources availability and time zone. This is because it relies on technicians to operate the solution, rather than skilled human interpreters.

Our technicians can be deployed in any time zone, thanks to our distributed workforce. This allows us to deploy AI Interpretation Services for events all around the world, no matter the duration or the location.

Does this mean AI Interpretation is for you?

All these advantages mean that AI Interpretation can be a perfect and competitive solution for your event, especially if it requires challenging language pairs and long work days.

However, AI Interpretation still comes with some limitations, as of now. Make sure these are acceptable for your event.

  • Conferences with mixed floor languages are not supported at this stage
  • There is a 20 to 30s delay between the floor and the interpretation.
    This is transparent for the audience in the case of a conference, because we re-synchronize the video with the interpreted audio.
  • AI Interpretation has good accuracy, but a human interpreter will still be more precise.
    If your conference includes sensitive topics, human interpreters may be better suited.

To help you decide, you can check out our AI Interpretation demo to see it in action.

If human interpreters are better suited for your projects, feel free to browse our list of human interpreters, or learn how to easily book human interpreters online.

How to book AI Interpretation services

If you have decided that AI Interpretation is the best choice for your conference, you can book AI Interpretation Services online easily, directly on

We have developed an all-inclusive online pricing calculator. It includes the AI Interpretation service, as well as delivery of the interpreted video streams via PolyPlay Player.
This allows you to find out how much your project is going to cost and place your order straight away, with fast and secure online credit card payment.

If you have questions or require extra help, you can also get in touch and discuss your project with us.

Once you’ve placed your order, an PolyPlay producer will reach out soon after to request your event’s detailed agenda, answer questions you may have and finalize technical details.

This ensures flawless delivery of your AI Interpretation service on the day of your event.