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PolyPlay is compatible with many live interpretation platforms, and can be used for many types of events.
With PolyPlay, you can easily 

  • Organize a multilanguage business meeting
  • Host an event in multiple languages – in-person, hybrid or virtual
  • Distribute your content easily with our multilanguage PolyPlay Player.

Our live interpretation services relies on trusted partners. These are event platforms or language service providers with which we work closely. 
This means that we are experts of these solutions, and can provide faster support.

Interpretation Services Provider

PolyPlay is compatible with market-leading interpretation solutions, popular with both interpreters and end-users.

  • Live interpretation solution for meetings and video content (live and VOD) with Interactio
  • Add interpretation support in Teams meetings with Akouo
  • Native in-meeting interpretation support with Zoom

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Event Platforms

PolyPlay Player is a popular online multilanguage content delivery solution for events.
Our multilanguage video player can be embedded virtually anywhere – there are no limits on our side, but we cannot possibly test every event platform on the market.

With our trusted Event Platforms, you can enjoy guaranteed, tested compatibility and faster support

  • Our team is trained and are experts of these platforms
  • PolyPlay Player is fully integrated, and has been tested and approved

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