Save big with remote simultaneous interpretation

Nobody can deny the COVID-19 pandemic changed every aspect of our lives.
On the positive side, it did prove that a lot of jobs can be performed remotely, even more efficiently than being on-site in an office environment.
Save big with remote live simultaneous interpretation!

Remote Live Simultaneous Interpretation

For most events, flying in interpreters only to lock them into an interpreter booth for days is now completely obsolete.
Remote Live Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) is a better choice for your organization, your interpreters, and the planet.

Why use remote interpreters ?

  • Same or better sound quality and latency
  • No travel or accommodation to book, no lost time in transit.
  • No insurance and no meals to plan.
  • Massive savings on your interpretation costs and less stress
  • More comfortable for your interpreters who can work from home
  • Much lower carbon footprint
Polyplay no interpreter booths

No compromise on quality or latency

Choosing PolyPlay is choosing flexibility. Either book our vetted interpreters only and handle all the technical details yourself or choose our Full Service white glove accessibility service.
With Polyplay Full Service, interpreters are trained to use our tool suite, and undergo a technical check to make sure their setup is spot on.

How does PolyPlay Full Service guarantee quality?

  • State-of-the-art remote interpretation tools and platforms
  • Online tools similar to onsite interpreter booths for a quick and easy transition
  • Interpreter training on our tools before the event
  • Technical check with interpreters to guarantee sound quality, internet speed and a plan B internet connection

A better onsite experience for you and your attendees

Remote interpreters mean one less thing to manage on-site and lets you focus on the actual event.
Your audience experience is also enhanced – no more using bulky, uncomfortable HF headsets. On-site attendees can tune-in to the interpretation app, with their own headphones.

PolyPlay A/V services include

  • Less overhead and one less thing to manage on-site
  • Great onsite attendee interpretation experience through the app (50 listeners complimentary, then by 100 listener increments)
  • Less AV tech to install and dismantle on-site.
  • No interpreter travel – no risk of them not making it to the event venue

Real support by real experts

With PolyPlay Full Service, we handle interpreters and manage the infrastructure throughout the event. We are your single point of contact for all live interpretation related matters. 

Our distributed team allows us to offer 24/7 live support with our actual experts, not a call center. We have staff in various locations including NA (Canada / USA), Europe (UK, France, Germany), Australia, and South America.

Polyplay World Map

Don’t wait any longer, and make your live simultaneous interpretation projects simpler, better and cheaper at the same time.
Contact us and go Full Service!