WISE 2022 – Multilingual livestream

WISE 2022 - Multilingual livestrea

In 2022, we’ve worked with alongside Auditoire and EPEAK Studio on the livestream of the Qatar Fundation’s Wise 2022 conference.

Set in DOHA, Qatar, the WISE Summit is a 3-day conference with over 1500 speakers from all over the world, including very high-profile presenter, academics and dignitaries. 

Our team went on site to oversee the production aspect pertaining to the distribution of the multi-language livestreaming video feeds of the conference content to WISE’s global audience. The PolyPlay player below is an example of how a session could be watch during the event.

WISE 2021 was a success, with a total of over 250 speakers, 80 sessions, 3 days of production and 130 hours of VOD content in up to 5 different languages.