Work remotely and make money as an interpreter

Are you an interpreter or a captioner? Do you really enjoy being stuck in an interpreter booth for hours? Wasting time traveling?
Good news – you don’t have to travel for work in 2022. Work remotely and make money with PolyPlay!

Work remotely and make money with Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)

Interpreter or Captioner? All you need to work from home is a good setup. Follow our tips and start landing jobs on PolyPlay!

What do you need to work from home?

  • Reliable and fast Internet connection
  • Excellent and fast backup Internet connection (4G, 5G…)
  • Dependable and powerful laptop (gaming laptops are great)
  • High-quality wired headset with an excellent microphone
  • Quiet room with a door you can close

Working remotely is easy and efficient for interpreters and captioners

Be free from travel restrictions. Maximize your efficiency. Land clients everywhere. Experience our easy-to-use and familiar tool suite.

What you get with PolyPlay

  • Familiar-looking online tools for quick learning
  • No borders, no travel troubles
  • Goodbye, interpreter booths!
  • Land international clients
  • Fit more jobs in your work week
Polyplay international

Simpler payments

It’s completely free to join PolyPlay. Forget about chasing money too – we have an escrow system.
Clients pay in advance, and we release the funds after full delivery of the service.

We arbitrate disputes based on what is discussed on the platform only. Keep all important communications within the ticketing system.

PolyPlay Benefits

  • Join and list your services for free
  • Get trained on the platform
  • Escrow system to protect both parties
  • Internal platform communication system
  • Clear payment schedule and rules
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What kind of work can I get with RSI?

Broaden your scope of work with Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI). No travel means more opportunities. Short missions become profitable with RSI.

Long or short projets

  • Live events interpretation
  • Zoom business meetings interpretation
  • Corporate webinars interpretation
  • Client pitches for oversees buyers interpretation

Real support by real experts

PolyPlay Support is delivered by real experts, not a call center. 24/7 support is available with our distributed team.
We have staff in various locations, such as NA (Canada / USA), Europe (UK, France, Germany), Australia, South America.

Polyplay World Map

Ready to grow your business? Join us!