Making content accessible for everyone!

Stream & host meetings in multiple languages with live interpretation, sign language & captions.

Multi-language, all-in-one PolyPlay live stream player compatible with any platform.


Access world-class interpreters to provide live simultaneous interpretation, address your audience in their own languages.

Sign language

Open your content to everyone with American Sign Language added to your live streams.


Use professional live captions for all your streams, in any language, professionally typed by humans or AI.

Featured Services

Interpretation services hand-picked by our curation team

Let us handle everything, go Full Service

Got at project coming up, but no bandwidth to take care of everything? Let us deal with it.

Step 1

Spec Out Your Project

Tell us about your event dates, interpretation, sign language, and captioning requirements.
We book everything for you.

Step 2

Produce Your Content

Live events, our service supports your A/V vendor with video feed endpoints, sending in the production’s output to PolyPlay for interpretation and caption handling.

Step 3

Et Voilà!

That’s it! It’s that easy. You can now relax as your audience can access your content the way they like it.

The Result for Your Remote Audience

The PolyPlay player is the world’s simplest solution for adding multi-language support to virtually any video hosting service out there. See the results below as the presenter’s video presentation uses an audio interpretation provided by one of PolyPlay’s many interpreters.
Our player works with a simple embed to add to your website, or virtual event platform.



Claudia P.
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Very good communication with all the team.
Enrique C.
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The interface for interpreting at the portal was useful and easy to use.
Anna P.
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Technical support was really good and I felt secure to interpret.


Interpretation relies on a trained professional providing accurate, high-quality live simultaneous audio translation in another language.

Translation is asynchronous and deals essentially with written content.

Interpretation provides a live audio translation, while captioning provides subtitles to what is being said.

Captions can be done by a human or by AI.

Human captioners are more accurate. AI is automated, cheaper, but less accurate, especially with non-native speakers.

The decision will depend on the nature of your content, and how critical it is for you to have accurate captions.

It's simple!

  1. Browse through our interpreters and make your choice. Proceed to add your selection to your cart.
  2. Then proceed to order your Live player. You will need the embed link for your live feed. (YouTube / Vimeo or else).
    If you don't have it yet, simply add a placeholder URL and we can update it later.
  3. As you order your player, activate the A/V option for it, this will add your A/V service to be included with your order. We will reach out to you to get on a call and make all arrangements. 

If you need assistance at any time, please contact us.

No problem, we offer both credit card and bank wire / ACH payment options (or IBAN/SWIFT for international).

For large productions this will definitely be the right payment option.

A: Unless you maintain an active subscription, VOD players expire after 1 year.
The player won’t disappear, but it will show a message indicating you should renew.

A: We can provide a unified embeddable chat (via Vimeo) for all your viewers.
Otherwise, you can embed the player in a platform like Swapcard, Bizzabo, Sparkup or Slido, which will provide chat directly within the platform.

A: We can provide the number of unique visitors, average watch duration, player total views, and top geographic regions.

A: This is highly unlikely as we work with vetted, professional interpreters and interpretation companies. Similarly to well-known vacation places rental companies, we do not directly guarantee our vendor's performance, however, we do our due diligence by vetting suppliers and will work with you to find the best solution should any issue arise. 

A:'s staff is globally distributed, and we currently have staff speaking English, French, German and Spanish. While the website is currently only available in English, we are working hard to offer other languages soon.