Easy Live Interpretation with Interactio on PolyPlay

Polyplay supports various Language Service Providers. Interactio is a popular live interpretation platform, and is fully integrated with PolyPlay Services.
For example, with PolyPlay AV, your interpreters can use Interactio to deliver the live interpretation service. We then stream it to your audience through PolyPlay Player, our easy multilanguage player.

Interactio is also available standalone, for business meetings or interactive workshops that require live interpretation.
This is available as a turn-key service and is an easy way to make your multilanguage meetings hassle-free.

  • We provide the interpretation room, ready to use
  • You can bring your own interpreters, or hire interpreters on PolyPlay.io
  • Our team briefs your interpreters and train them on how to use Interactio
  • Your guests speak & listen in the language of their choice
Interactio interpreted meeting