Interactio multilingual meetings & RSI conference solution

Interactio is a remote simultaneous interpretation solution build for interpreters, event organizers and companies doing international business.

With Interactio you can do

  • Multilingual meetings : Like Zoom but better, with tons of tools for your interpreters to do a better job. Your participants can use sound, camera, share their screen, launch polls etc. It’s all there.
  • Conferences with RSI interpretation : Virtual or hybrid, with Interactio you can add interpretation to your events with ease. On-site attendees tune-in from their smartphones while interpreters are 100% remote. No booths, almost no AV costs.

Why order Interactio through PolyPlay

  • Support & Service: PolyPlay offers optional technical support service for Interactio. Opt-in when you order and we’ll help with the configuration of your event/meeting, brief your interpreters, and support you throughout the booking times.
  • Expert interpreters: If you book your interpreters through PolyPlay, take advantage of the fact that all interpreters on the PolyPlay marketplace are certified for Interactio. This guarantees the highest delivery quality of interpretation for your events or meetings.
  • Worldwide support: PolyPlay operates across 5 time zones, on 4 continents. No matter where and when, we’ve got someone available to support your project.
  • Transparency: Unlike other Interactio resellers, we don’t hide our prices. It’s all there for everyone to see. We don’t adjust our price based on who your are, or what your project is.

Important: If you have multiple rooms at your event, please make one booking for each room.

Cancellation policy : Free up to 72h prior to the booking start date/time.