Interactio technical support & service

Along with your Interactio RSI platform booking, PolyPlay offers technical support & service throughout the duration of your event.

In addition to the setup (which is included for every Interactio order you pass with us), this add-on service provides:

  • Management of your interpreters on the day of the event, including assistance if they experience any issue
  • Monitoring of the interpretation delivered by interpreters.
  • Communication between you and the interpreters (slack, WhatsApp or else)
  • Monitoring of the audio channels that your audience listens to
  • Provide you with download links of the audio recordings (done by Interactio) for each audio channel if enabled.

This service is charged by the hour, and must be book for the exact same duration as you Interactio booking.

Cancellation policy : Free up to 72h prior to the booking start date/time.