Cyberconference 2023 Full Service Interpretation

Live remote interpretation for a cybersecurity conference, with multilanguage content delivery powered by PolyPlay Player.

About Cybereco

Cybereco is a leading reference in cybersecurity in Quebec and Canada.

They organize conferences and webinars for cybersecurity professionals.

Project Brief

The Challenge

In 2023, Cybereco organised the 3rd edition of the Cyberconference, an event where cybersecurity professionals can network and learn from high-level experts from Canada and the USA.

This event takes place in Montréal, Québec, which makes it particular from a language perspective. Indeed, French is the only official language in Québec, meaning that any English content must be interpreted in French.

What We Did

Full service interpretation

For this event, PolyPlay delivered full service interpretation. This includes interpreter sourcing, management, as well as AV production and VOD delivery for up to 4 rooms in parallel.

Interpreters sourcing

Thanks to PolyPlay’s extensive network of partner agencies, we sourced an adequate team of hand-picked interpreters for French and English.

  • With knowledge of cybersecurity as a topic
  • Able to accommodate Quebec’s language specificities (speakers often switch languages mid-language)

As part of our service package, we train, brief and run technical checks on our interpreters. This means that we ensure they have adequate equipment, and know how to use our interpretation tool suite.

Remote Interpretation Service

Our interpretation services are delivered remotely, which results in considerable cost savings for Cybereco, while maintaining excellent quality.

  • No need to rent onsite interpreter cabins which saves time, money and space
  • Greatly reduced onsite AV crew for interpretation management
  • No need to handle interpreter travel & accommodation logistics and costs
For both onsite and online participants

Although our interpretation services are delivered remotely, the interpreted audio is available to both onsite and online participants.

  • Online attendees can choose between English, French, or Original (if they speak both) in a single, unified video player
  • On-site attendees can access interpreted audio by scanning a QR code on their mobile device – all they need is a pair of headphones
Synergistic integration with EPEAK Studio

For this event, our sister company EPEAK Studio was in charge of the event production. This allowed us to take advantage of synergies between the two teams, pool resources, ultimately reducing our onsite footprint even further.

Altogether, our lean, optimised, and heavily remote-based production system allowed us to offer high-quality services for a fraction of the cost.


During this event, we successfully delivered interpretation for up to 4 rooms in parallel, available to both onsite and online participants instantly and conveniently.
Post-event, we delivered VOD in all languages, conveniently packaged in VOD PolyPlay Players.

Thanks to our lean production system an remote tools, we managed to reduce costs by over 45% for the client, compared with a traditional, onsite cabin-based interpretation system.