Remote Interpretation for onsite attendees

Live remote interpretation for onsite attendees with an onsite headset check-in / check-out system. Low-footprint interpretation solution for in-person events.

About The Project

Learn how we deliver high-quality remote interpretation services for in-person events.

Project Brief

The Challenge

In 2022, one of our clients organised a seminar in Austin, TX, with an expected audience speaking either English or Spanish as their first language.

This was an in-person only event, and our client wanted to offer an onsite interpretation solution for Spanish Speakers.

What We Did

Interpreters sourcing

Because of the nature of the content and its delivery, our client needed interpreters capable of rendering the atmosphere and the nuances of the message.

Thankfully, PolyPlay comes with an extensive network of interpreters and captioning professionals. This is how we managed to screen, select and provide adequate interpreters.

Remote-based Interpretation service

Although this event was in-person only, we delivered our interpretation services remotely. This means that the interpreters did not need to travel to the event’s location.

Instead of a complete AV team, we only sent one person on site, to coordinate the delivery. This makes our solution cost-effective and low-overhead.

The on-site PolyPlay technician managed the delivery from A to Z, including bi-directional audio routing to and from the venue, as well as managing the audience headsets tracking system.

As good as onsite cabins

Our cutting-edge remote interpretation backend does not sacrifice on quality either. Instead, it enables the interpreters to deliver a high-end service, like with on-site cabins, but without the logistical implications and for a significantly lower cost.

In addition, this remote interpretation service was delivered without any additional latency, compared to on-site cabins.

Onsite interpretation delivery

Finally, we also sourced and organized the rental, delivery, onsite check-in & check-out, and return of HF headsets to deliver the interpreted audio to participants in the room.


The organizers received high-quality interpretation services delivered remotely, and made available onsite easily for the audience.

Our online, low-overhead interpretation system worked out about 45% cheaper than the onsite equivalent. This is thanks to considerable savings on travel, accommodation, food and equipment rental costs.