GLC 2023 interpretation

Live remote interpretation for the EO’s Global Leadership Conference, with multilanguage content delivery powered by PolyPlay Player.

About the EO

The EO is a network of entrepreneurs.

Every year, the EO organizes a Global Leadership Conference where their members can network, grow and attend conferences by global thought leaders.

Project Brief

The Challenge

The 2023 edition of the EO’s GLC happened in Cape Town, South Africa.

The event’s content was all delivered in English, and the EO decided to make this available to a wider audience:

  • Interpretation in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Replays for virtual attendees located in a different time zone

This event had more complexity, because different service providers were in charge of different parts of the interpretation scope. Polyplay’s flexibility and ability to work with any external supplier transparently was key to the success of this event.

What We Did

Effortless 3rd party integration

Polyplay integrates effortlessly with 3rd party suppliers and external service providers. This event was large-scale, and the scope was divided between PolyPlay and 3rd party service providers. In particular:

  • CSI provided an interpreter team for the Main stage (via a traditional on-site cabin system)
  • PolyPlay provided a remote team of 23 interpreters for the Virtual Stage (low-overhead remote interpretation solution)

No matter the structure and the scope of the project, PolyPlay is flexible and integrates seamlessly with external service providers.
Indeed, for this event, we combined our interpreted audio with 3rd party interpreted audio, and delivered it to the remote audience in our unified PolyPlay Player.

Hybrid, Flexible Delivery

We delivered our part of the interpretation services entirely remotely, thanks to our cutting-edge online interpretation solution. This means that our interpreters did not need to travel on site, saving a large proportion of the costs.

For GLC, we did send an AV team on-site, for two reasons:

  • Our sister company EPEAK Studio was in charge of the video production of the event, allowing us to pool resources
  • CSI provided a team of onsite interpreters, that needed to be integrated in our delivery system

Nevertheless, thanks to our lean processes and low-overhead solution, we leveraged synergies with our sister company EPEAK Studio to send the smallest team possible on site, resulting in considerable cost savings for the client.

PolyPlay Player

Finally, we used PolyPlay Player to make all interpreted video feeds available in a single player, in all languages. This allowed the audience to seamlessly tune-into their favourite content using a simple interface, all in the same player.

This greatly improved the experience for the audience, and saved a considerable amount of time for the organizers. No need to duplicate the event platform’s configuration for each language video feed!

VOD delivery in 5 languages

After the event, we edited and delivered the VOD for all sessions in all 5 languages, conveniently packaged in a multilanguage PolyPlay VOD player.


Thanks to our lean, online based interpretation and captioning solutions, we delivered a high-quality service to the EO with considerable savings on costs, compared to an on-site interpretation cabin system. On average, remote interpretation is around 45% cheaper than the on-site equivalent, with the same level of quality.

PolyPlay Player added a lot of convenience for the audience as well as the organizers, by making all the content available in one single player.

This contributed to the event’s success and accessibility to a greater audience, to the satisfaction of the client.